The importance of good nutrition part 1 of 3 – Difficulty cycling

Excited to have found a new cycle buddy through my chosen charity, ‘Children with Cancer UK’ we teamed up to keep each other motivated with training. We’d been on a few rides when she mentioned just how much she was hating cycling. She admitted all she could think about while riding was when she could sell her road bike and get a Dutch style bike with a basket and enjoy cycling again!

She commented about how she felt strong one minute and the next weak and almost unable to go on! In fact one day surprisingly at about 25 miles she said that’s it let’s go to the nearest train station. There is a little story to make you giggle about this trip to the nearest train station:-

  • Lesson 3 – Don’t trust Sunday trains

  • Lesson 4 – Fuel your body correctly

On we went another 7 miles to Horsham!

We cycled to Ockley bought a train ticket and cycled to the nearby farm shop to get some food for our journey back to London. After purchasing a few goodies we carried our bikes to the appropriate platform and waited for the train. Only to notice 45 minutes later these red light barriers on the track! I said to her,….. ‘erm surely no train can come into this station they’d smash those lights up’….. so on we went another 7 miles to Horsham!

If you have experienced difficulty cycling due to injury why not book your Chiropractic consultation to establish the cause, and get you back on your bike.

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