Prudential 100, 2019 – The Cycling Chiropractor

Prudential (aka Ride London) is the worlds largest festival of cycling. The event itself caters for all abilities: 

  • Saturday’s 9 mile fun cycle (attracting many families), takes you round numerous London landmarks 

  • Sundays 19, 46 or 100 mile options depart from Stratford’s Olympic Park, into Surrey looping back, to finish in central London

This is a fantastic way to challenge your cycling ability while experiencing London’s roads uninterrupted by traffic and lights. I know for some of you this event causes great disruption but…. 

‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ 

Since the event started in 2013 charities have raised over £66 million! Not to mention the economic benefit it brings to the city with people being drawn from all over the world. It’s suggested that 30,000+ cyclists attended in 2019.

The 100 mile route is inspired from London 2012 Olympic Cycling route. It’s a fantastic event, well supported (with food, drink and mechanical stations), while bringing communities along the route together creating a vibrant atmosphere. It has also been known to get many people hooked on cycling, as it has our Aldgate Chiropractor, Karen.

When our cycling Chiropractor, Karen set off for the start line at 04.45 she soon came across other riders, descending on the Olympic Park from all directions, including an American man who’s flown over four times, to take part in this event! So what are you waiting for? 

‘Get your pedal on by clicking here’ 

You can read more about Aldgate Chiropractor Karen’s, Prudential 100 adventures and how she shaves 50 minutes off her 2018 time in this years Prudential 2019 in her next blog.

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