Corporate Health Benefits

KH Chiropractic provides Corporate Health Benefits in London (Liverpool Street, Aldgate and Shoreditch). Our Corporate Health Benefits include Health Days specifically tailored to suit each business’s needs.


Health Day options:-

1. Talks

These are designed to educate your staff on healthy living, good posture and better lifestyle choices such as top tips on improving:-

  • Desk setups
  • Sports postures
  • Exercise
  • Weight lifting posture
  • Lifestyle choices

2. One-to-one consultations

A popular option taken up by many local companies. Staff are alwys keen to sign up fro these and learn how to take care of their aches and pains in a private, confidential environment. To make it even better we provide the first Health Day FREE of charge, so what have you got to lose? Call us now on 0203 633 0565 or fill out the form on the right and someone will get back to you within 24hours.

Our aim is to work with you to improve corporate health and wellbeing in our community (Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Shoreditch + Hammersmith). Our mission is to reduce sick days lost at work and generally create a happier healthier quality of life.

Providing Corporate Health Benefits in Liverpool Street, Aldgate & Shoreditch.

KH Chiropractic – Providing Corporate Health Benefits in the City of London (Aldgate, Liverpool Street, Shoreditch + Hammersmith)