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Aldgate Chiropractor Karen Habershon works at KH Chiropractic & Sports Massage, conveniently located between Liverpool Street, Aldgate , Moorgate and Bank. Fantastic transport links including Liverpool Street, Aldgate and Bank station. Book now 0203 633 0565.

KH Chiropractic, The Running Works, 28-30 Houdsditch, London EC3A 7DB 0203 633 0565



Liverpool St / Bank /

Aldgate Chiropractic

& Sports Massage Clinic

The Running Works

28-30 Houndsditch



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Hammersmith Chiropractor

Hammersmith chiropractor Karen treats pregnant women, paediatrics, children and sports men and women.



Hammersmith Chiropractor

2 St Peters Road



W6 9BD


020 8563 2608



At your first chiropractic visit you will be asked to fill out a medical history form. Your chiropractor will then ask you a series of questions relating to your complaint to gain a full understanding of the cause. An examination and diagnosis will then be made. On occasion further imaging may be required such as MRI, xray or ultrasound. In such cases your chiropractor will discuss your options with you. If you have private health cover it may be possible to use this to fund your imaging, if not other reasonable options can be discussed. Once this has been established, and as long as appropriate, your chiropractor will explain your treatment plan and proceed with a treatment.