How Chiropractor Karen shaved 50minutes off her 100mile ‘Ride London’ time

In 2018 Chiropractor Karen, took up the challenge of her first long distance cycle, raising money for ‘Children with Cancer UK’. She enjoyed it so much she re-applied for 2019 to see if she could improve her performance. Let’s have a quick look at 2018 and 2019’s variables and time difference: 


Prudential 100 2018 

Prudential 100 2019 

Body maintenance 

Chiropractic treatment Chiropractic treatment and Sports Massage

Bike maintenance 

Alternative bike shop Swift cycles

Bike Fit

No Yes – Jorrit Van der Platts at Swift Cycles


Wet + windy Dry and light breeze


Tri and run Campagnolo (13year old, well maintained) Canyon Ultimate 105 (6 month old)

Pedal type

Flat pedals Cleats


Fuelled sporadically  Fuelled every 20 minutes


2 bottles (Coconut water (high in electrolytes) and water 2 bottles (Coconut water (high in electrolytes) + water

Total Ride Time

6 hours 10minutes

5 hours 20 minutes

As you can see above there were a few obvious improvements Karen made to improve her environment and therefore performance.

  • Bike fit – There’s no point putting a well functioning person on a badly fitted bike, this can lead to injury.

  • Body maintenance – Your body needs to function well to perform at it’s best, and prevent injury.

  • Bike maintenance – Reduces the chance of mechanical failure, causing delays, or the inability to complete the ride.

  • Weather – Rather uncontrollable, however there are many factors that may slow you down.

    • Headwinds will increase your input (energy) needed
    • Rain will require you to slow down to avoid slipping and skidding
    • Damp clothing can result in your body getting too cold, which can effect your bodies ability to function.
  • Bike – A newer bike tends to have less wear and tear.

  • Bike Storage – Outdoor storage exposes the bike to more elements, which can lead to wear and tear. The components of a bike work together. For instance replacing a worn cassette and not the chain is likely to accelerates the wear and tear of both. It may be more cost effective to replace both at once and try to keep your bike inside.

  • Pedal type – Cleats allow pushing and pulling forces, therefore you can optimise the use of two muscle groups

  • Nutrition – You are what you eat! Day to day nutrition is really important to rebuild the cells of your body. The better the nutrition the better quality the cell. Eating well the night before a ride is not enough if you really want to maximise your results.

    While cycling regular snacking is also important, to prevent insulin fluctuations and food reserve depletion.

  • Hydration – It’s vital to keep fluid intake up, even more so when it’s hot. We loose water and salt when we sweat, hence the need on rides over 1 hour to replenish electrolytes too. Our Chiropractor Karen uses Coconut water, however there are lots of electrolyte products on the market. We advise you to try them out on training sessions as some people digestive systems disagree with certain brands.

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