Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment can benefits a number of people of all ages. The most important thing our chiropractor Karen Habershon has found in practice, is too listen to each individual. Every person is different and can tolerate different pressures and approaches to treatment. Karen has range experience ranging from working with elite athletes to elderly and newborns. Clearly a treatment technique suitable for a professional rugby player is not suitable for a newborn!

Karen has worked with:-

  • New Zealand Rugby league team
  • Wasps colts rugby team
  • Worked at multiple sporting events including Crossfit events
  • Ran a practice at a London Crossfit gym
  • Practiced in a family chiropractic clinic which attracted predominantly pregnant patients and paediatrics.

Her youngest patient to date was 1day old. This newborns brother had responded so well to chiropractic care mum and dad decided to bring her straight in for a check after her complicated birth. Karen’s oldest patient to date has been an 80 year old patient with sciatica and her most elite athletes have played for New Zealand Rugby League team and Brighton and Hove football team.

KH chiropractic offers chiropractic treatment near Bank, Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Moorgate and the surrounding area.