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What got Karen into working with pregnant women?

Jess was a pregnant patient who consulted me with lower back pain quite early on in her pregnancy. She responded really well to chiropractic care which eased a lot of her discomfort and helped manage the effects of a growing baby. Her pregnancy was heading towards 2weeks overdue and I could sense her frustration to the delayed arrival, however just a few days prior to recommended induction nature took its course.

About a month before due date Jess contacted me and asked if I would like to be present. At first I was quite nervous about the idea however decided it was a fantastic opportunity to observe what patients go through during the labour process and professionally an opportunity too valuable to miss.

Harry under 1 hour old.

At 10.00am on the day of Harrys birth I got a call from Jess, she was in hospital and in the early stages of labour. I happened to finish work a little early and headed over to the maternity unit to hear Jess was 2-3cm dilated. The midwife said it was very unlikely the baby would be born until the early hours. With work early the next day I planned to head home at 20.00. However at 19.00 to the midwifes surprise she was 10cm dilated and this baby was ready. How could I possibly head home now?!

The experience was amazing, from relatively well space contractions, to crowning and then holding newborn Harry at 23.30! I’m pleased to say Jess’s birth was a safe straight forward birth with no intervention or complications. It was a fascinating experience and one I am so pleased to have experienced and has lead me into working with more women during pregnancy, newborns and children.

The aim of a chiropractor working with pregnant women is to improve the ‘mechanics’ of their body to make the pregnancy and delivery as straight forward and comfortable as possible.