Back pain solution when cleaning your house 

 A chore we all love and I bet you are glad to hear we’ve come up with a few solutions to help you prevent back pain and reduce the chance of triggering it while cleaning your home. 

There are multiple ways you can prevent injuries while doing the house work 

Ideally, we’d like you to prevent rather than need to cure. But the reality is most human just want to get tasks done, without the thought or knowledge of the long term effects of poor movement patterns, lifting and or carrying. 

  • Mopping

    Stand upright, keep elbows close to the body. Move with your mop avoiding twisting, like a dance partner!

  • Vacuuming

    Stand upright and push (don’t pull back and forth), again keeping elbows tucked and engage your core. 

  • Ironing

    Set your board at an appropriate height allowing a 90 degree bend in your elbow, while maintaining relaxed shoulders and not over reaching. 

  • Low cupboards

    Keeping your body aligned bend your knees to drop down to a level you can see and reach into the cupboard. Remember our famous hip-hinge (click here to learn more). 

  • High cupboards

    Use a step ladder rather than over reaching or dangerously clambering onto work surfaces. 

  • Dusting

    Overreaching can lead to strains so please be sensible and only do what you can easily reach before going to get your step ladder. 

  • Clearing debris from the floor

    Whether its dust, dirt or Lego care needs to be taken when cleaning and tidying.

    Have you got children? I bet this is a daily occurrence once the children are sleeping you pick your way through the trail of destruction throughout your house. And let’s not forget the times you stand on a piece of stray Lego!!! Ouch 

    We recommend brushing up small pieces into a pile so you don’t have to bend repetitively. Alternatively kneel down with a straight back to collect up your brushed up pile.

    Alternatively sweep a path through sit down, ignore and enjoy your quiet time. Someone once said to me you’ll never lay on your death bed and regret not hoovering the skirting board more often! 

We’ve realised our patients need more help with back pain solutions. The best thing to do is avoid the back pain cause. Our blogs are aimed at making more people aware of what they may be doing wrong in daily life to help prevent back pain.

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