Mowing Monday Madness – Avoiding back pain Gardening

Yes it’s that time of year you look out the window and spot those annoying weeds. 

How did they get that tall so quickly! 

With the first May bank holiday approaching and an extra day to tackle those Gardening tasks you think: 

Yes Monday I’ll get that all under control’.

How sensible do you think it is, to spend all day doing a physically demanding task your body isn’t accustomed too?

Lets look at a London office workers week:-

  • 5-10min walk to the train station

  • Stand (occasionally sit) on you 30-90 minute commute

  • Brisk walk to the office

  • Sitting in the office 8+ hours a day

  • Suddenly you realise it’s lunch and grab a quick 1hour break, or maybe just reach into your bag for a sandwich and sit at your computer eating it!!!!

  • Eeeek your bodies screaming MOVE ME MORE!!! But that deadlines looming and next weeks a short week, so right now every second counts!

  • Gosh is that the time? 6/7/8/9pm maybe even later comes, and it’s time to rush to the train and home!

YET this weekend you’re going to tackle 6-7hours of full on root pulling, hedge trimming and lawn mowing…… Sensible? 

Considering the above are we really ready for a 9am-5pm day of gardening? 

Would you run a marathon without training? (Maybe don’t answer that as I know some of you would and have …… Oooops)

So how should we manage gardening? 

  • Warm up first

  • Take breaks

  • Split the tasks up into manageable chunks over multiple days or even weeks (We shouldn’t increase any activity more than 10% each week)

  • Plan carefully to minimise lifting and carrying

  • Make sure you stretch before and after

  • Bend correctly – Using the hip hinge

  • Lift Carefully – Hip hinging and bending your knees

  • Add cushioning – Knee pads or kneeling pad

  • Long handled tools – can help reduce unnecessary bending and reaching 

  • Bring plants to you – Don’t over reach

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