Our Liverpool Street Chiropractor and Sports massage therapist are conveniently located between Liverpool Street / Aldgate and Bank.

Our chiropractors treat people of all ages from newborns to the elderly. Karen Habershon is the principle chiropractor with a background in treating sports men and women, office related injuries, pregnancy and paediatrics. Her aim is to improve their function so they can reach optimal portential and minimise the chance of reoccurring injury.

She has experience working with the following:-

  • Professional football academy
  • Professional rugby team (New Zealand Rugby League Team)
  • Premiership footballer
  • Triathletes
  • CrossFit athletes and many more
  • Worked in a paediatrics and preganacy focused clinic
  • Multiple additional safe and gentle techniques for treating women during pregnancy and paediatrics (babies).

Karen has spent time developing her knowledge working with paediatrics. She enjoys working with parents to help them give their babies the best start in life. Here are a few common complaints new parents have commented on:-

Karen says ‘it’s so sad to hear people have suffered in silence when chiropractor has provided help and support to so many babies and parents.

Karen regularly blogs about different problems her patients have encountered in the hope to educate more of her readers on injury prevention. Clicking on the images below will guide you to the relevant pages or to read her blog click here.


Florence Andrews works as our principle Aldgate sport massage therapist, providing a valued addition service to the clinic. She has similar interest to our chiropractor Karen, hence why they work so well together. She has a vast amount of experience in the sporting field and also pregnancy massage. Read more about Florence here.

Florence continues to advance her knowledge and skills on multiple courses and does a huge amount of event work at running events such as the London Marathon where she heads up a team of therapists. She’s enjoys working closely with KH Chiropractic and the Running Works as their Aldgate sports massage therapist.


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Many people enjoy running however the impact can be an issue for those with previous ankle, knee, hip or back problems.

Why many athletes visit a chiropractor regularly

Left: Bad weight lifting. Right: Good weightlifting posture.

How to improve your weightlifting posture. Left BAD, Right GOOD


Tummy Time for babies

Why babies and child visit chiropractors













Are you experiencing pain? It is always wise to consult a health professional as soon as you can. Newer injuries usually respond much quicker than ones that have been present for months of even years. To find out more about your pain call 0203 633 0565 or email Our Liverpool Street Chiropractor is located near Aldgate and Liverpool Street, central London.