Sports Massage Therapy

Our Aldgate sports massage therapist, Florence is very experienced in treating not only sports men and women but also people suffering from work related stress.

Many people store their stress within their bodies, holding some unusual postures during the day and night. This may contribute to poor sleep and discomfort during the day. Many of our clients find sport massage therapy a great way to switch off and focus on their bodies needs. We only have one body so it’s important we take good care of it.

Aldgate sports massage therapist Florence is experienced working with people of many ages and abilities and tailors her treatment to suit you. It can be difficult to find a massage that’s the right pressure, our therapist Florence can work as light as a feather, or as heavy as you can handle, her aim is to meet your needs.


What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage which aims to massage and manipulate the muscles, stretch out the fascia and work remedially to ease tightness and restrictions.

Our massage therapist works in a way to suit the individual client. Some clients choose to take an active roll in their recover taking advantage of advice provided on stretching and others just find with long hours in the office they can’t fit it in. This is completely the individuals choice, however our aim is to provide you with the best advice we can for you to achieve your personal goals.


How does sports massage work?

The aim is to free up tight muscles which often feels quite hard, stiff and sore. This may be caused by:-

  • Injury
  • Misuse
  • Lack of use
  • Overuse
  • Stress
  • Tension

Our Aldgate sports massage therapist can help soften such hardened tissue and help restore movement and mobility surrounding the joints that have become stiff and painful.


Who can benefit from sports massage?

Many think by the title ‘Sports Massage’, that it is just for sports men and women. Actually that’s completely wrong, many people find this approach to massage very effective and find it releases, mobilises, soothes and eases the muscle rather than just stroking the skin like many other massage techniques.

Benefits may include:-

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • A feeling of unwinding + relaxation
  • Aid sleeping
  • Promote a sense of well-being

Athletes frequently use massage too prevent injury. If you play sport you may wish to consider this too. We have a few blog pieces relating to sports and injury such as the importance of good footwear, ‘Click here’ to read.

It is a very useful technique for athletes who might need pre and post event work to either loosen, repair or refresh sore, aching limbs but those who don’t play sport can experience similar aches and pains. These can be caused by repetitive postures and positions eg sitting at a desk for a good proportion of the day or lifting and carrying repetitively eg in the construction industry or even lifting children and babies. Sports massage can relieve stiff, sore muscles to a more pliable pain-free state. Our Aldgate sports massage therapist is trained to respond to each individual’s needs.