Acute Lower Back Pain

Back pain during pregnancy can be common.

Back pain during pregnancy can be common.

KH Chiropractic is a provider of back pain treatment within walking distance of Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Moorgate and Bank (0203 633 0565). Chiropractor Karen also providing chiropractic care at Octagon Chiropractic Clinic, near Hammersmith (020 8563 2608).

Acute Lower Back Pain is one of the most common complaints presenting to KH Chiropractic. Patients can experience a sudden onset of debilitating pain or note a few warning signs, such as short periods of discomfort in the past which they believed had resolved itself.

The pain can be very painful and restricting that sufferers adopt an unusual posture they find more comfortable. This is a natural response however it can prevent them from carrying out everyday tasks which they would usually take for granted.

Nerve irritation, such as compression or stretching can exacerbate pain. Symptoms can include pain, pins and needles, numbness and/or weakness.


What does the spinal cord do and why is it so important to look after it?

The spine plays a key role in protecting an essential part of the nervous system. In addition to helping keep us upright. The most critical function of the spinal column is to enclose and protect the spinal cord and its multiple nerve roots. Information is transmitted within the spinal cord to allow us to move, interpret temperature and texture along with providing protective reflexes to get us out of danger, e.g. when touching something hot.

Patients frequently display signs and symptoms suggesting a disruption of the nervous system. Nerves are capable of repairing in the early stages of compression however prolonged disruption or extreme disruption such as complete severing of a nerve or the spinal cord can leave permanent changes. For this reasons we recommend patients seek treatment as soon as possible. We also generally find newer injuries respond faster.

Small misalignments of the vertebra (the bones enclosing the spinal cord) and/or inflammation can alter the signals sent from the brain.

Chiropractors are trained to help correct misaligned joints and improve general biomechanical function of the spine and extremities. The result is to facilitate optimal function of the body’s nervous system, reduce or eliminate pain and restoring health. If you would like to discuss how chiropractic treatment can help resolve your lower back pain call the Liverpool Street / Aldgate branch on 0203 633 0565 or email for more information.